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Our team

Aussie Global Books has established in Melbourne Australia in 2010. This is a small, yet efficient, reliable and experienced team. We have been working together to meet library requirements and complete the budgets on time over the years. Our team members are the most important and valuable parts in our company.

Our highly educated staff, detail-oriented working ethics, dedication to clients’ satisfaction make AGB a reliable and competitive libraries suppler.

Our services

AGB has established fully-integrated and seamless services to supply libraries with books, magazines, audio visual products and eproducts in languages from around the world.

Services include title selection, acquisition, and full shelf-ready service (cataloguing and end processing). AGB services has been built on quality, reliability, affordability, state-of-the-art technology, and timely delivery. Tailored solutions are designed to meet specific libraries’ requirements.

AGB selects the most appropriate titles sourced from bestsellers, readers’ choice, award-winners, major media book reviews, and websites around the world.

With major library suppliers in many countries to ensure the highest quality of service and the most competitive prices. Special airfreight arrangements have been organized to ensure books are supplied shelf-ready quickly, setting the benchmark for supply times.

Shelf ready service includes the option to catalogue materials and upload to the library system along with holding uploads to Library Australia. All standards, including RDA, local holdings, item records and RFID encoding are included. End-processing includes attaching the library barcode, ownership stamp, book covering, security/RFID tags, and rebinding to the library specifications.

Library resources can be acquired with or without shelf ready service.

EDI service includes orders, cataloguing services, shipment notices, and invoices or as required. Order and finance reports are sent to libraries each month or as required.

Free shipping on all Australia and New Zealand orders

Our products

Best Book/eBook/CD/DVD Packages

The packages provide newly released Chinese books on a monthly basis, Chinese CDs/DVDs/eBooks, Hindi and Korean books on a quarterly basis. We offer the following packages, which deliver more value, convenience and flexibility to our library clients:

Best Book Packages

  • Simplified Chinese Best Book Package
  • Traditional Chinese Best Book Package
  • Hindi Best Book Package
  • Korean Best Book Package
  • Combo Best Book Package

Best CD/DVD Packages

  • Mandarin Best CD/DVD Package
  • Cantonese Best CD/DVD Package
  • Combo Best CD/DVD Package

Best eBook Packages

  • Simplified Chinese Best eBook Package
  • Traditional Chinese Best eBook Package
  • Combo Best eBook Package

Clients can choose from the following services: Books/CDs/DVDs/eBooks only, CDs/DVDs/eBooks with full RDA MARC Records, or Full Shelf-ready Books/CDs/DVDs (cataloguing and end processing to library’s specifications).

Library Profile Orders

AGB supplies the latest books and audio visual products in languages from around the world to libraries. They include adult fiction/non-fiction/graphic novels, young adult fiction/non-fiction/graphic novels, junior fiction/non-fiction, large print books, picture books, bilingual books, Australian authors, English Learning and IELTS, music CDs, talking book CDs, and DVDs. Our clients can choose from two kinds of service: Books/CDs/DVDs only or Full Shelf-ready Books /CDs/DVDs (cataloguing and end processing to library’s specifications).


Hundreds of Chinese magazines on cooking, fashion, sports, crafts, health, and more.

Book on Demand for Libraries

A librarian can use AGB’s Book on Demand service to get virtually any book he/she wants Just give us some information about the book and we will get it for you.

Monthly Catalogues

AGB provides monthly catalogues to inform clients of newly published books, and audio visual products to allow clients the option of selecting titles.

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