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Apabi Chinese Digital Resources (simplified Chinese)


eBooks: Full-text retrieval and online browsing of 3 million titles. Apabi eBooks are suitable for cross-platform reading and browsing, and are compatible with many eBook readers and mobile phones. Apabi eBooks are categorized into subjects such as arts, economics, history, geography, literature, medicine, military affairs, philosophy, religion, social science, and popular fiction and non-fiction titles. An Apabi eBook may be browsed simultaneously by an unlimited number of users or checked out for download and offline reading by one user. Librarian will decide the lending period.

*Apabi eBooks are offered as one-time outright purchase.

Full-Text Newspapers: Over 484 newspapers, including 13 of the most widely distributed newspapers in China, such as People's Daily, PLA Daily, Business Daily, Real Estate Times, Tibet Daily, etc.

Full-Text Reference Books: Nearly 2,000 reference books. The database is jointly launched by the Library of Peking University, the Fudan University Library, the Chicago University Library, the Harvard University Yenching Library, and the Library of Princeton University. Included are over 1,300 titles exclusive to Apabi, including 73 volumes of the Encyclopedia of China, 12 volumes of the Grand Chinese Dictionary, and 4 volumes of Cihai (Sea of Words).

Full-Text Yearbooks: 1,500 statistical yearbooks covering 19 categories concerning China's national economy and social development.

Museum of Fine Arts: Over 230,000 pictures are catalogued into 13 museums, such as Chinese Art Museum, Chinese Calligraphy Museum¸ Chinese Folk Art Museum¸ Chinese Earthenware Museum, Chinese Ancient Design Museum, etc.

*A library can purchase any or all of the above four databases through a one-time outright purchase with two concurrent users' access.

Database of China's International Commerce and Trade: 10,000 data documents of international trade and statistical diagrams.

* This database is offered through annual subscription with two concurrent users' access.

** Free Apabi Reader software must be installed in order to read Apabi eContents.


Apabi will create a platform within its databases for a customer library which will contain eProducts the library ordered. Apabi will provide its link to the library, which the library can add to its own website for readers to access. Apabi uses either the library's IP address range and/or EZproxy IP to connect.

Compatible devices for access are computers, eBook readers, Android, and iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

Customer Service

AGB provides customer service in conjunction with Founder Apabi Technology Limited. For more information, please contact AGB.