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Currently, AGB provides eProducts from two suppliers, Apabi Chinese Digital Resources (simplified Chinese) and Airiti (traditional Chinese).

Question 1: What are the contents of your eProducts?

Answer: eProducts including popular fiction and non-fiction titles, all major newspapers from China (including 13 of the most widely distributed newspapers), reference books, yearbooks, Museum of Fine Arts, the Database of China's International Commerce and Trade, journals from Taiwan, and dissertations from Taiwan.

Question 2: How many readers can read or download the same eBook title simultaneously?

Answer: An eBook may be browsed simultaneously by an unlimited number of users. Apabi allows one user at a time to check eBooks out for offline reading; Airiti allows three users at a time. The lending period of an eBook from both Apabi and Airiti will be decided by a librarian.

Question 3: How is a library connected with an eProduct supplier?

Answer: Both Apabi and Airiti will create a platform within their databases for a customer library which will contain eProducts the library ordered. Apabi and Airiti will provide their links to the library, which the library can then add to its own website for readers to access. Both Apabi and Airiti use either the library's IP address range and/or EZproxy IP to connect. Airiti can also use the library's referring URL to connect.

Question 4: How does a reader access an eProduct?

Answer: A librarian will decide who can and how to access the eProducts the library has ordered. The usual way is to use a reader's library card to sign in and browse or borrow.

Question 5: Does a reader need to download a software to read eProducts?

Answer: Yes. A free Apabi Reader software ( needs to be installed to read Apabi eProducts. Apabi Reader is like the Adobe Reader; once it is downloaded and installed, it can be used anyway it is needed.

A free Airiti software needs to be downloaded for offline reading ( Airiti online reading doesn’t require any special software.

Question 6: What are the pricing models?

Answer: Apabi & Airiti eBooks are offered as one-time outright purchases. Apabi full-text newspapers, reference books, yearbooks, and/or Museum of Fine Arts can be purchased through a one-time outright purchase with two concurrent users' access. The Database of China's International Commerce and Trade is offered through annual subscription with two concurrent users' access. Airiti journals, proceedings, and dissertations are offered through annual subscription with unlimited concurrent users’ access.

Libraries may pick and choose titles or AGB may select titles according to the requirements of a customer. The Minimum annual purchase is $1,000.

Question 7: Do you provide MARC records for eBooks?

Answer: Yes. The brief MARC records are free. The full MARC records will be charged for an extra fee.

Question 8: How does a Librarian know whether your eProducts are suitable for their Library?

Answer: You can try our service out for free! AGB provides 30-Day Free Trial. Libraries can sign up for 30-day free trial access to the complete Apabi and Airiti eProducts. Please contact AGB at (Australia) or (U.S.A.).